Salesians Sarrià strive to establish a direct relationship with companies and institutions in order to help its students to find employment

The college has a College-Enterprise department tasked with identifying requirements in the job setting, the most sought-after profiles and skills, as well as the market reality. The main goal is to promote knowledge exchange and to improve job placement.

One of the first contacts that students have with the job world is through in-company work experience (FCT) or Dual VET systems, conducted through the Middle and Higher-Level studies in the companies that collaborate with the college. This initial experience provides the students with the basic knowledge they will need in order subsequently find employment.

Besides the Middle and Higher-Level VET, we offer different occupational and continuous training programmes that give former students the chance to specialise in their technical speciality through subsidised courses. This offer is also aimed at any professionals that want to retrain in their own field.

Relationship with Business

Labour exchange

The College-Enterprise Department has a Job Centre with numerous positions vacant.

Moguda Juvenil de Salesians Sarrià

Students or former students can sign up for this service as job-seekers. They can do so via an online platform where they can upload their updated curriculum vitae, specify their skills and qualifications and state the type of employment they are looking for.

Any company from any area can post job offers with the profiles they are seeking to fill. The personnel of the College-Enterprise Department draws up a short-list of the job profiles they are looking for and sends them to the institutions that wish to recruit personnel.

This service provides a series of advantages and benefits to students and collaborating companies alike. Companies are given preferential access to a list of highly-qualified professionals who are also endorsed by the college.

The students also enjoy the advantage of being the first to learn about employment vacancies and can also receive the support and guidance they need when seeking employment.

The new co-working space

Former students that wish to continue to develop their professional project can do so in the new co-working space that we have set up at the college

Salesians Sarrià offers a room that enterprising former students can share in order to push their projects through independently, as well as collaborate, exchange ideas, concerns, knowledge and projects.

This space is intended to provide support for the creators of innovative projects who need a place to bring them to fruition. Co-working is intended to continue to create an educational community, providing continuity to the training received at our college, while also furthering the development of our students’ entrepreneurial skills.

This space has been conceived and designed to facilitate teamwork and is equipped for up to 10 people. Co-workers have the following facilities and services: foldaway chairs and tables, Wi-fi network and power supply, common areas, printer, civilliability insurance, cleaning and maintenance service, among others.

A quality policy

Continuous improvement as the mainstay of Quality

Moguda Juvenil de Salesians Sarrià

The backbone of our quality policy is the pursuit of excellence and being able to cater to the needs and expectations of students, families and enterprises.

In 2009, the Salesian Schools of the Barcelona Inspectorate were the first group of schoolsand colleges in Catalonia to obtain the Multisite Quality certification under the ISO 9001:2008.

The college is certified pursuant to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which allows us to manage all our processes comprehensively and effectively.

Certification renewals are the endorsement that we will continue to pursue as part of the group of schools of the Maria Auxiliadora-Zona Nord Inspectorate.

Conctact information

You can reach by public transport (metro, rail and bus) and even by bicycle (we have a car park at the school).

Passeig Sant Joan Bosco, 42.
08017 - Barcelona
Phone +34 93 203 11 00
7.30 a.m. to 9 p.m.


A model college

We have an innovative model of educational activity based on the relationship between students and business.

Our International Relations Department coordinates work experience and stages in different European countries.